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Their story



Mrs. Smith


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Project Burn

The love story of Kim & Pim started in the legendary club Trouw. It was at a similar electronic music-infused night where our dear friend Marjolein and I took a break from dancing for a chat outside. I will never forget this conversation as it shaped the next phase of my life. While Marjolein passionately told me that she started her new goldsmith adventure, she accidentally triggered me to take the big next step in my relationship with Kim. We decided that this engagement ring would be her first project after graduating. What an honour! I never doubted about the end result, knowing the passion, talents and dedication Marjolein possesses. The journey couldn’t be more personal as we jointly sketched all the details of the ring. I enjoyed everything she teached me about the stones, gems and secret ingredients of the goldsmith process. Bending the knee and asking ‘the question’ at Burning Man was pure bliss. Mrs. Smith delivered magic! She is the only ‘lord of the rings’ that we will trust our wedding rings to. Maybe more about that later…

Pim, Kim's fiance

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