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Mrs. Smith

Shades of White Stone
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Starting Jewelry Designer Based in

        I have loved jewels as long as I can remember. My mum would often call me a 'magpie', ekster in dutch because I was browsing her jewellery box whenever I thought she wasn't paying attention. Something a lot of you probably recognise...

When I turned 17 and graduated from secondary school the thought quickly passed my mind to enrol at a fashion or art academy but at that time people convinced me that this would not earn a decent enough salary. 

I was super lucky with the other path that followed, studying at an Internal Hotelschool and University and eventually ending up working in the Yacht Industry (boats) for years, on board, in ports, as a publisher of maritime books and at shipyards, where I'm still at.

Until.... two years ago my jewel dream came back and the idea was born to combine my interests. I wanted to do both. Which is when I enrolled at the Goldsmith Institute in Schoonhoven to follow a part-time education. 

My design philosophy? I believe there's a crown jewel out there for everyone but not necessarily one filled with a diamond. Every personality matches a different design and I like to help you to find yours.

Invite me on your journey, I still need homework projects!

Looking forward to collaborate.

With love (for gold), Mrs. Smith




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